(In)Visible Women in Social Sciences and Social Work
Duration: 01.10.2021-30.09.2022

(In)Visible Women - Drawn to knowledge


… come from three countries and have three perspectives:
► Social research, in contexts of social work - Dresden (Germany),
► Social Policy and international perspectives to Social Services - Seinäjoki (Finland),
► Gender and Diversity in organizations - Vienna (Austria)
As a result, we worked together in national-culturally, religiously and academically diverse teams in a virtual research capacity.


… to make four female researchers from social sciences visible. They overcame structural barriers in scientific contexts, which enabled them to pursue their passion in a self-determined way.


… offer you a set of "Educational Comics" as an open source resource. Join us for a look at gender distribution in social research and social work. Learn about research approaches shaped by women. You might see the (professional) biographies of these female scientists in a completely new way.

introduce you to four pioneering women in social sciences.

Art Whisper - From the Idea to the Comic

Ruben Titze
Max Baitinger


Implementing funding German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)